LAGUNA 18BX Bandsåg 400V


The Laguna 18bx Bandsaw features a heavy robust frame with a powerful 2,2 kW motor. The ground cast alloy worktop 500 x 660 mm provides stability even for oversized workpieces. The table also tilts from -6° to +45°. The robust fence is easily adjustable and can be installed into two positions (vertical and horizontal). The strong cast alloy wheels are fitted with a polyurethane belt along the whole wheel. The belt is designed to withstand heat and for a longer service life than regular rubber belts. The worm gear & pinion on the blade guard is ultra-smooth and engineered to have minimum flex even when fully extended. Pressing the foot pedal firstly cuts power to the motor and secondly activates the disc brake to bring the saw to a virtually instantaneous stop.

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