PATON MultiPRO-250-15-4-230V


The inverter unit PATON MultiPRO-250-15-4 – is a versatile inverter with digital control method, designed for manual arc welding (MMA), TIG and semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG) in shielding gases and mixtures thereof. MultiPRO-250-15-4 double case design allows to disconnect the source from the wire feeder, which greatly improves the mobility and convenience in MMA and TIG modes. 250Adostatochno rated current for any welding electrodes, diameters from 1.6 mm to 6 mm continuous and semi-automatic welding wire diameter of 0.6 to 1.2 mm. The device is equipped with a contactless ignition unit (oscillator) in TIG mode and powerful metal wire feeder motor. Universal connector KZ-2 type “”EURO”” provides an opportunity to connect the burner from a wide range of manufacturers.

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