Metallsvarv ED400FDDIG


  • serially equipped with leadscrew for thread cutting and automatic longitudinal feed
  • induction-hardened and precision ground prismatic bed way guides
  • hardened main spindle bedded with adjustable taper roll bearings
  • high spindle centricity assures maximal turning accuracy
  • spindle speed steplessly adjustable, speed can be read off conveniently from digital speed display
  • comes with change gears delivering an exceptionally broad thread cutting range
  • guides conveniently adjustable via V-ledges ensuring precision for many years
  • powerful, maintenance free motor with undervoltage release
  • smooth power transmission delivers constant torque
  • tailstock can be adjusted for taper turning
  • CW/CCW run mode
  • note: Machine runs at half speed when reversing.
  • digital read out unit (2-axis) for easy operation
  • included in delivery: 3-jaw chuck Ø 100mm, 4-way tool post, dead center MT3, dead center MT2, chuck guard, chip tray, change gears, tools

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