LAGUNA Revo 2436 Träsvarv


Robust lathe for professional tasks.
• Smooth run thanks to a fully cast-iron design of the headstock.
• 80% more massive ground steel bed against Revo 1836 for turning extra large pieces.
• Solid ground steel bed.
• Two control panels, the second one could be mounted in two positions on the right side of the lathe.
• The control panel on the right side provides full comfort, on / off and speed change.
• Cast-iron toolrest with simple control.
• Strong induction motor with VFD offering high torque.
• Digital readout for speed setting in two gears from 50 to 3500 rpm.
• Spindle indexing at 14, 36 and 48 positions.
• Clever tool storage keeps your tools at hand.
• Smooth travel of the live centre with laser engraved scale.
• Height adjustable legs for simple setup.
• One button spindle lock.
• Knock-out rod with a brass tip does not damage the centre.
• Can be fitted with a telescopic wheel system for moving.

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